Ainol Novo 7 Fire Review(2)

2 rear view of ainol novo 7 fire Ainol Novo 7 Fire Review(2)

The buttons on Ainol Novo 7 Fire are stable and sensitive. To make the Ainol Novo 7 Fire different from the loose buttons of other 7 inch models, Ainol improved the design which makes the touch on the buttons comfortable and smooth.

To be frankly, I’m not satisfied with the layout design of the slots on Ainol Novo 7 Fire. There are 5 slots and one Mic hole on the side. They are the charger slot, the Micro USB slot, the TF card slot, HDMI, the earphone and the mic hole. When holding the device with both hands, you will find the palm covering the slots of HDMI, earphone or Mic. For the earphone and HDMI users, there’s gonna be a problem. Anyway, thanks to Amlogic which supports G-sensor and rotating screen video playback perfectly, users are able to flip it 180 degree to enjoy movies easily.

There are two speakers on the back which will provide you louder sound than ever. Both speakers on Ainol Novo 7 Fire are equipped with metal dust filter net. Ainol Novo 7 Fire comes with 5MP AF rear webcam. There is a LED flash light beside the webcam.



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